Our vision

We think that the current plant trade has products that are not different. It is difficult to find unique, different and unusual products where mass production has not been involved. We want to share our collection with those of you who love plants, regardless of the level of your knowledge.

All our plants come from our private collection where we have grown the mother plants in a home environment. Our collection is growing and our space is getting tighter. All the plants that you will find here have been grown by us ourselves with love and a great interest in plants. All accessories are handmade by us and therefore each product is unique in its own way.

About us

We are two friends who met through our interest in plants. After selling a lot privately together, we decided to take the step to start this company together. Since the beginning of 2022, we have had monthly auctions where we have shared our collection with like-minded plant people.

We are always looking for new plants to add to our collection and we notice that the more unique plants we have, the harder it is to find new ones in the stores. We think we can't be the only ones who feel this way, so we're taking matters into our own hands and making it easier for those of you who are looking for unique plants and accessories.

Additional information

In addition to plants, we are both interested in interior design and design. This made us both dare to try working with a material called epoxy resin. This solidifies and can be used to make jewellery, bookmarks, pots and more. All of our products we sell are handmade by us with this material where we dyed, decorated and designed the products ourselves.



Founder & Owner

She is good at keeping the financial part in check and makes sure that the administration works as it should. When she's not packing orders, she's also busy answering messages from customers and she's always on the lookout for news and trending plants to make sure there's always a plant to suit everyone no matter what you're interested in buy!

Instagram: Madxplants

Favorite plant: Scindapsus

Favorite food: Tacos

Profession: Design engineer

City: Stockholm

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul. – Linda Solegato

– Linda Solegato


Founder & Owner

In addition to packing orders, she makes sure that the website is updated and replenished. The shelves must never be empty! Social media is also a big focus for her. Interacting with customers and updating the feeds is always in focus. She also answers customer service issues and is always on the lookout for new plants to add to the online shop!

Instagram: Smallplanty

Favorite plant: Hoya

Favorite food: Hamburgare

Profession: Adminstrator

City: Eskilstuna

Company details 969799-1660